Yasmin House - Luxury Age-Defying -Hydrating Gel Mask -60ml

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Moisturise and rehydrate your skin while improving your skin's elasticity with this deep nourishing gel mask that contains Hyaluronic Acid and plant based peptides. Intensely hydrating and moisturising for even the thirstiest of skins. With added essential oils of Chamomile to calm irritated skin, Sandalwood helps reduce the skin's imperfections leaving it smooth and supple, whilst Rose Geranium balances the natural oil reproductions and Ylang Ylang helps to regenerate the epidermis. Together working in unison to leave your skin feeling revitalised, nourished and glowing. With amazing anti-aging skin renewing ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid which helps with the production of collagen and hydrates,moisturises and plumps the skin making it dewy and smooth. Peptides high in protein which encouraged collagen production and reduces fine lines and giving the skin a smooth texture. Olive leaf extract and essential oils of Cedarwood, Chamomile May not have a photo for this one as yet