Wax Melt and Oil Burner
Wax Melt and Oil Burner
Wax Melt and Oil Burner

Wax Melt and Oil Burner

Yasmin House
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Yasmin House has a stunning range of designed wax melt and oil burners that are the perfect addition to any decor.  With it's intense vibrant colour that will add a pop of colour to any home decor.

Our metallic range is available in 3 colours - hot pink, red and gold.

Choose from our range of tea light candles and our premium scented fragrance oil range of wax melts and fragrant oils to use with your melt burner.

Give a personalised gift using our Melt Burner in one of Yasmin House's stunning Gift Hampers.

Directions: Simply choose the wax melt of your favorite fragrance, place a piece of wax melt in the dish above, and a small tealight candle at the bottom. Alternatively you can add a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil from Yasmin House.

Enjoy the scent of the wax melt or the fragrant oil permeate throughout your home or workplace and the beauty of this stunning piece of décor.

Only use small tealight candles in the bottom holder (users should always test first under their own conditions). These wax burners are hand blown and each one will be unique and will vary slightly from each other


Melt capacity: Approx. 40g
Burner Dimensions: 120mm x 120mm
Glass Weight: 150g